Astrology and Travel

This fascinating system works with the theory that your personal astrological influences vary when in different locations on the planet.

By moving or changing location we are shifting the influences of the stars and planets in our lives. All comparisons are made working with Astrological Birth Charts.

This system has roots in Mesopotamian culture and Ptolemaeus is a worthy name to note down as he delivered a system of rulership of zodiac signs to regions.

Modern Astrologers have created new and improved methods to work with Locational Astrology and the infamous Astrocartography is one of them.

Working with Locational Astrology, Tashi can pinpoint the Astrological significance to your connection with any location on the planet. You may want to know where to take your next retreat or in what regions work will be most prosperous for you.

There are many questions one can ask when using this method and a good starting point is to look into personal astrological influences in the area you are living or planning to live.

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