August 2017 Astrology
Eclipse Season Vortex
& The Freeing of Lives

We have just entered the Eclipse Vortex, held by the Aquarian-Leo axis and spun by Jupiter and Saturn. Everything we do from the 7th until the 28th of August must be Sacred. This time expands time, bends time and loosens its grip. Let the interstellar influences support your Eclipse Season transformation!

Hello dear ones,

How are you?

Greetings from my birth land and loving salutations from this hollowed dimension.

Wouldn’t you call Aquarians and Leos extreme opposites? I know I do! And…can you imagine how radical an Eclipse Vortex would be, held by such opposites? Well, here we are, entering this mad and activated season.

Many of us have been looking forward to the final Eclipses of 2017 and to be honest, there really isn’t a better way to close the bright red curtains. I mean, we are bowing out with a Total Solar Eclipse in Leo and what rules Leo? The Glorious Sun!

This is a magnetising time and a time for closure of all sorts. It is also a time to think of the bigger picture and our immediate communities. With a partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius that took place on the 7th/8th, we are being requested to think of our global impact, how we are contributing as a whole and if we contribute enough, for the greater good that is!

Aquarian Moon energy is unpredictable and extremely wise. There is a futuristic element to everything Aquarius and no matter what we know; Aquarian stars are always 10 steps ahead. Thankfully, this wisdom is in our favour now and if we are in positions of power, it really is the moment to speak up, to share what is true and needed so that the larger masses can receive some benefit.

Please work with this energy to contemplate on all of our worlds First Peoples, the Aboriginals for example, the Indigenous beings from every corner of our globe, The Gypsies who evolved from Rajasthan or anyone who you feel a sincere connection with that embodies the wisdom of our worlds First Peoples. Think of how you can learn from their knowledge and how you can share some of this needed information with others during this powerful Astrological season. Even if you are simply quoting a passage, reading a book, planning a fundraiser or attending an event, whatever the act under such influences, it will not go unnoticed! In my case, I plan to spend some time in Uluru and complete Divinations from there. I also aspire to share some moments with the Indigenous Australians who I missed so much. Here is a little hymn I wrote whilst flying over the Blood Red Desert:

That was my view from the other morning, whilst crossing several seas and hovering high above a land I cherish and call my birth place. It’s interesting how a land can claim you, how it can anchor your spirit after longing for something you didn’t know was missing. I travel a lot, I have been doing so since I was 1 month old and yet very few lands scream to me, very few lands say “hey, – you’re mine.” I can’t say I feel comfortable with being claimed, I do however love the feeling of an old song, a melody that captures countless echoes of songs well sung. I love the Sunrise Rainbow over the Blood Red Desert and its majestic respect to my endless departures. A good land lets you leave yet loves you even more when you return. A good land doesn’t grasp at your heart but lets you fly away trustingly. I see the Morning Star rise above this Thirsty Ruby Desert and I cry. The timelessness never left it and nor did the gates of ZangdokPalri. Keep singing to me sweet and cherished land beyond time, where sleeping is hard yet living awake is forever.”

Another mighty good things to do under this Aquarian Lunar Eclipse influence is the act of “Freeing Lives.” This is something I was kindly taught from my spiritual teachers and if you want to know more about this do email me. One thing that is for sure, anyone can do it and the base of this beautiful act is “Divine Intention.” What I can say now is, if you buy any animals that were destined to be killed and release them into their natural habitat, with the intention that they are freed from suffering, that is enough! I know people who do this with Crickets (even if they are factory produced) or fish for example. The point is to free the being from its untimely death. Another nice way to call this is “Saving Lives.”

As you can see, this Lunar Eclipse demands some healthy consideration, some extra thought about how much plastic we use, do we really need all the lights on? is it time to start a compost? And… lets give away more things to the poor.

The cool and detached Aquarian star sits quite high, and when in the mood lets the emotions flow through the mind like a filter. “Do we really need to hold on to so much emotion?” asks Aquarius and… the correct answer from the world should be “NO”.  So, let it ALL go, let it out, release the past, the muck and the useless self-involved thinking. Adjust yourself to the wave of a grander view that doesn’t fall to the ground like a mat to let everyone step on it. Instead, lead through your example, an example that does care and connect (without the sticky bits) and without the expectation. Fly high like an Eagle, see it all from up there and see how tiny it really is. Think big; think about everyone and everything – this is the point.

An Aquarius Moon will start a lot but not be there to worry about how it ends, so start! Do not worry about outcomes, please just start! There couldn’t be a better time to clean out all the unwanted residue of our own expectations that were not fulfilled and instead sow some new seeds of victory. Start anew from within and be open. Aquarius really wants you to be open.

How to work with this Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

  • Transform subconscious blocks or fears
  • Think of the bigger picture
  • Free some lives
  • Work from a higher perspective
  • Protect the mind
  • Invent
  • Start anew emotionally
  • Unresolved karmas will appear now for a final clearing
  • Meditate to stabilise the overflow of energy
  • Write

The influences have only just begun to impact us and will last for quite sometime so please keep this information on file. Lunar Eclipse energy can last up to 3 months and depending on where this sits on your own Astrological Birth Map, the influences could last a lot longer.

I suggest we ease into this mood, this uncanny and cosmically expansive mood. Lets just sit with it over the course of the next 4 days and feel how it works with us. It will be surprising and clever; so don’t be alarmed if the unexpected happens. Just ease into it!

This is the Part One of a 2 Part post that I will conclude later this month. What I wish is to hear from all of you and to learn about how this Eclipse Vortex is unfolding in your world! Please comment here or post your questions. I will be delighted to answer them.

Finally, if you have the time we will be Raising the Universal Frequency on the 21st of August 2017. You can learn more about this event here:

Do note that Sirius will be rising in the night sky ever so brightly after a 70+ day absence. Sirius wants us to be careful what we wish for and to only wish / aspire for the best whilst being open to the bigger picture. You should be able to see Sirius shine his bright blue rays on the 8th night. An empowering night if you ask me. Make the most of it.

Sending you so much love from here,


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  • Reply Gabby (we met in India with Dungse La) August 10, 2017 at 1:43 am

    Hey Tasha ❤️ How do we know how long this influence can last depending on our birth map?

    • Reply Tarot by Tashi August 10, 2017 at 5:02 am

      Hi dear Gabby, what we can do is take a look at your birth map and deliberate the timeframe. Do you have prominent placements in Aquarius or Leo? Feel free to email me so we can talk in detail. Love, Tashi

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