August 2017 Astrology
Total Solar Eclipse
The Rishi Stars &
The Way of The Heart

We are approaching the end of a powerful Eclipse Season Vortex, with less than 24 hours until the Final and Total Solar Eclipse arrives. There is so much to go over and yet so little words to communicate just how mighty this time will be. Let us witness history together, joining hearts and preparing to never see anything again, as it was or as it is right now! When the Sun dances in Leo it dances in its most prized and powerful place, predictions and magical convictions are all underway. Let there be light, a blazing light of renewal. Yes, let there be light!

Hello dear ones,

The Total Solar Eclipse in Leo is just around the corner and this in-between Eclipse time is moments away from coming to an end. I don’t know if I want it to end, and I want to talk about why.

It’s been almost 3 years since I have seen my mother. It actually feels a lot longer than that. I didn’t expect to see her so soon, during such Astrologically significant times and in the condition I was in. Seeing her face always gives me the sweetest hope. I have never met a more positive and openhearted person. Seeing her makes me want to curl up in a warm bed and sleep a deep and restful sleep because I know I am safe.

As you may recognize, I have lived so much of my life alone, far away from family and many that I love and cherish. It was never really a choice; it was more along the lines of my destiny…to be zapped out of a typical family setting and hermit myself through life and it’s countless songs. From the age of 12 I was already independent and had to be. By 15 I was travelling the world and never really stopped. No, I didn’t do any of that with Mum and often wished I could. It was really only me for the most part. Me and the wind and the water and all the other elements! I had my purpose of-course and wishes that extended further than just necessity yet I never, ever wanted to leave her. I bring this all up because these current times have a lot to say about our deepest and truest relationships (including our relationship with ourselves.)

They have much to say about how we really feel about those we love most and bring to light the areas we have so strangely ignored. It is not because we need to rethink anything or understand it; it’s just a time to clearly release ourselves from how we were. Or in better words, to free ourselves from projections of how we wanted things to be / ourselves to be.

A lot gets locked away; the subconscious is full of endless trails that lead to endless caverns and it is not easy managing all of what is hiding beneath. I mean, how can we if we have a day job to maintain, kids to feed and our basic needs to attend to?! The subconscious hollows are not areas we can just tap into nor comprehend overnight but we need to remember that such hollows must not be flouted. Such hollows are the key to good health, our awakening and many other alchemical treats! So, make it possible to explore them and to listen when they speak.

This is a period where quite a BIG LOVE is needed, the center stage and loud kind of love. If we have been holding back to give a little more, to love a litter louder, well, there is no need for that. Love is all there is, I believe it and always will. I mean, doesn’t it come back down to that? Isn’t it the love we seek, whether it is altruistic, romantic, physical or spiritual?

It is – isn’t it!

You see, we demand love in what we eat, in the way we dress, in how we get things done at work or when we are simply trying to unwind. We search for it through our favourite Netflix shows and in a melody. Some of us look for it in more obvious places, like in the warm embrace of a loved one, yet all of this happens and who knows if we even notice.

The point is, this LOVE you seek needs YOU.

Have you thought like this before?

To really get to this Lighter State of Being a leap of faith is needed, a leap that requires the courage of a Lion and the view of an Eagle. This Solar Eclipse in Leo will support you if you choose to give yourself back to LOVE. And what is love?

The way of the HEART!

Yes, the way of the HEART is calling you back. Not in an emotional way but in a way that is noble and fair. The heart is noble and when left to rest in its natural state it will explode in generous gestures that will not omit anyone or anything.

So why do I not really want this Eclipse Vortex to end?

Because… it is pouring onto us, quite forcefully what we really need and it is ripping away all that we do not. I appreciate amplified cosmic help and appreciate it even more when we work with the themes correctly.

Ok, yes, a finish line makes sense and we are really almost there. I just need to remind you that what we should be valuing here is all the insights that have tickled our core in the last 6 weeks and especially in the last 2 weeks. We need to value the intensity of how we have been feeling and even if it doesn’t make any sense we must somehow find a way to learn from it, or record it to reflect over at a later date.

The influences will continue to churn until early October though what we have established during this Eclipse Vortex time is really the FEATURE.

Some Practical Tips:

Eclipses force us into action and never take NO for an answer. When in an Eclipse Vortex it is the perfect moment to allow major changes and to be receptive to them even if they are appearing cruel, eventually the results will be kind.

This Total Solar Eclipse in Leo will take place on the 21st of August between the hours of 3:30pm and 9:10pm UTC.

Total Solar Eclipses are rare and to put a little more zest into this, the Sun rules Leo so therefore the effects of this Eclipse will be amplified even more so.

The Sun also rules our persona, what we project onto the world, our characteristics, who we wish to be, our creativity, the ego, our traits and initiatives. The Sun in Astrology is a major influencer and one to respect so in this case, we are being asked to see ourselves clearly and from the heart. If we see ourselves clearly we will also be able to then see the truth around intimate situations or anyone who is linked to ones identity. There are strong cosmic requests around healing certain bonds and allowing ourselves to feel for those we love, to not block out feelings because they are too painful or overwhelming. We really need to feel for those we love or have lost and let the healing rays in.

The post Aquarian Full Moon Eclipse energy is telling us to basically prepare to be reborn during this New Moon in Leo / Total Solar Eclipse and emerge from what may have felt like being rushed off in a haze somewhere in the lonely desert. We have been wandering in the quantum field of a powerful Eclipse Season Vortex with intense groundless-ness smashed up by Mercury retrograde, along with 5 other planets keeping us on the inner and silent journey. What planets are these?

Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Chiron and Pluto

This is indeed absurdity at its finest hour and we are almost there, at a needed conclusion.

The Aquarian Full Moon Lunar Eclipse flushed out so much useless information, old energies and habits that really were not helping us. Many are continuing to deal with the release of these energetic blocks and are trying to work with ancestral cleansing. Some of what may have come to light would have challenged us deeply. Yet we must carry on forward and trust in the support for renewal in ways that are not comprehensible on an intellectual level. We are being driven to Lighter States of Being and need this deep elimination of the muck – however it emerges.

Through the portal of the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo at 28 degrees and the last rays of this Star, a surge of confidence to see us clearly will emerge and through that knowing a renewal will be possible. All intimate relationships and what is linked to our identity are under deep investigation. Matters long hidden or situations we thought were already dealt with will resurface for a final evaluation.

In the momentary darkness brought on by the presence of this Solar Eclipse, a magical gateway that will support truth and the way of the heart will appear. The inner works we have been yearning to complete, the years of accumulated subconscious callings and missed opportunities to evolve are all available again NOW to act upon. It is really remarkable what can be accomplished in as little as 5 hours of this Eclipse, if we just sit and feel it out, so much will be possible. We can relax and start by making the best of aspirations and prayers for our universe followed by some serious sitting. When I say sitting I mean being still and letting the mind rest, this will allow clarity and a sincere present moment understanding. After this you can write down what appears and close your sessions with some loving dedications. There are so many ways one can work with this energy however it really is optimal to dedicate sometime to be still and feel it, let it flow through you and clean you whilst you rest your mind and watch your breath. The intention needs to be clear and as you already know, the intention is for the benefit of the entire universe, this should be your mindset and aspiration before commencing.

I see this as quite the pinnacle, and not something that can be easily described in words so therefore have selected a song that captures a lot of what this Eclipse is trying to say. The only lyrics in this song are as follows, please listen and try to do so LOUDLY…..

“When I listen to the old voice of my blood that sings and cries remembering past centuries of horror, I feel God, who scents my soul and in the world I keep on sowing roses instead of pain.”

….some closing points

The Rishi Stars will return to us again next month. According to Tibetan and Vedic Astrology there are clusters of seven stars called the Rishi Stars that appear once a year – usually in September. This year (according to Tibetan Astrology) the Rishi Stars will be blessing us from September the 9th until the 15th.

Lama Dawa Rinpoche explains that according to a Hindu legend, these stars (called Sapta Rishi – the seven Rishis) were once great sages of the past, who, upon their death, rose up into the heavens and became these stars. When they are visible in the night sky, their light is said to possess special healing powers that transform all water into healing nectar. Typically, Tibetan Doctors and healers would place buckets of water outside during this time, and then use this water for making their medicines.

Another way of benefiting from this healing water is to bathe in pools, ponds or rivers during this time. One could collect water in buckets and use that for bathing. Any water – whether it is ocean, river, stream, or water in pools, is imbued with the healing qualities of the Rishi Stars. This water can be used to make healing tinctures, or for giving to pets and plants. Even the water in our own bodies can be blessed and purified by this special healing energy by exposing our body to the night sky when the stars are out.

We will be Raising the Universal Frequency on the 21st of August 2017 between the hours of 6pm and 8pm UTC. You can learn more about this free event here:

Please continue to take part in Freeing Lives, August is a highly beneficial time to do so. If you want to know more about what this means, please read the part 1 of my 2 part Astrological post for August here.

With anything but logic available, let the fires of renewal burn and dance yourself a passionate dance. The fire is burning now, with so many planets joined by fiery Stars, we cannot avoid the heat nor the truth of expression that Leo is offering. All that is unnecessary can be eliminated now and all that brings on fear, hate and aggression must be faced with noble clarity. We must combat these poisons with LOVE, a love that is large and wide, that fears not and acts gracefully. These times command this wide and grand way of the heart. Just being still, and feeling it all flow through you, will be enough to allow the giant change and evolution of being.

Thank you so much for being a part of all of this with me.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and questions here.

May all be auspicious!

Love and light,


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