Tarot Card Readings

“O Delian King, whose light-producing eye views all within, and all beneath the sky,
Whose locks are gold, whose oracles are sure,
who, omens good reveal’st and precepts pure.”
-Orphic Hymn

A Tarot Card reading revolves around the belief that the Tarot Cards can be used to receive insight into the past, present and future. This form of divination usually helps to answer simple yes or no questions or to thoroughly look into any area of the querents life.

Various forms of divination have been practiced for thousands of years and Tarot is a reputable way of uniting astrology, the elements, symbolism and clairvoyance to best foresee what the querent wishes to.

The 12 Houses Astrological Spread

An in-depth reading that covers all the areas of the querents life including the karmas that the querent has brought into the present life cycle from the past. This spread can take up to 1.5 hours to complete and is the most thorough divination available.

Gypsy 9

This will give the querent insight into the foundations, mentality and emotional facets that will play a pivotal role in the next 3 to 9 month cycle.

A General Reading

Obtain prescience for this present moment and near future using a General Reading, this form of prediction works best when the querent doesn’t have any specific question or would like to receive insight to an area such as, career, health, love and so forth.

A General Reading picks up on what the querent should know rather than what the querent wants to know. Specific queries can be combined into this form of divination and is classified under an “Extended General Reading”.

Twisted Fates

When you wish to make a decision and have more than one option, the twisted fates spread will provide guidance towards deciding what is the best-suited path for you.

A Delian Divination

This form of divination helps the querent interpret their dreams using the Tarot and symbolism. The complete dream does not need to be remembered, a few key points is enough to gain guidance related to it.

You can also use A Delian Divination to receive advice connected to your spiritual practice, how it is developing, the karmas as well as ways to work with current energies hidden and obvious.

The Confluence Spread

This reading provides guidance into the interaction between two or more entities and normally romantic partnerships or those of a practical nature.

Quick Insight Reading

Receive instant guidance for the immediate future and obtain a direct understanding of what needs to be considered. Various aspects can be looked into depending on the querents requirements.

The One Question Reading

A very popular and versatile way to get straight to the heart of any question the querent may have. It can be used to answer simple yes or no queries or to receive detailed information and direction.

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