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Ecliptic Energy Instigation
Uranus and the Final Quarter

“What if the year 2018 is a year to note down in history, a year where the tides will turn and the moods will churn? What if 2018 is a year dedicated to a world that was once a mystery? And through the gates of alteration, our entire globe will rearrange the way it sees and breathes? No longer dare we ignore, 2018 will roar, whilst pulling down the dark. We will see again, at last! Yet seeing is knowing; do we have the strength to see? 2018 will show us many truths and denial cannot be.  A year of entry, into the lap of voluminous change, I call it “not easy “ and we summon it to attain….a greater state of being. A greater state of being!”


Hello dear ones,

Happy blessed NEW YEAR. We did it! We have entered 2018!

I would love to warmly welcome all of you who have just signed up to the TarotbyTashi newsletter. WELCOME, how wonderful to connect and what a great time to get on board because….2018 is going to be a very rich year for all themes Astrological. I guarantee to be here, sharing an expressing so much! There are many offerings to look forward to including Podcasts and live Videos + many many informative write ups like this one. I encourage you to say hi and share with me what you would like to read or see more of. All of you are welcome to share your thoughts so please do.

For those of you who have been here with me for a while now… THANK YOU…all of this would not be possible without your eager and tender wish to keep the flame of magic alive in all I do! I know that you know Astrology is just a part of it and I aspire to make 2018 a year that will bring forth all my offerings, in ways you can actually “experience” the benefits which will be felt beyond reading.

Welcoming 2018

May we all get closer to a greater state of being this New Year. May we all work with the influences and themes to make meaningful changes in our lives and fear not the dark. There is so much that can be taught through the shadows, our shadows and 2018 won’t let the slippery bits fall away. We will be made to face so much of the truths we forget and come to terms with what is really happening on every level. Of course, there are always choices and we will still have to select what it is we really want. Will we want to climb up the majestic mountain or just look at it from afar? It’s never easy ascending.

Post-New Year Full Moon in Cancer Blues or Slews?

Almost everyone I know had a turbulent 2017, the year was dreamy and yet still managed to shake us up and crush us down. The death of 2017 is yet to arrive…we are on the brink of some final lessons and integrating what was. This actual death of a shared cycle will be felt closer to the end of February 2018 and the New Year energy that we so eagerly await will happen when the Sun kisses Aries. I know this is a while away however we are in need of a deep integration and if this doesn’t make sense, just remember the grandness felt when the Moon was full in Cancer. We can probably still feel it!

The depth of feeling and surprise, all mixed into the first Full Moon of 2018, is a bit too large for a beginning of a cycle…we are still shedding skin and learning to absorb whatever we did not during 2017.

Many of you will be asking profound questions to yourself and wanting sincere answers. The depths of your dialogue with yourself are proof of just how far we have come. The need to integrate the polarities, the mean extremes and the energies that divide us are hovering now. It all seems and feels so hard to stabilize doesn’t it? Yet we must not fear the dark nor the grandness that is equally dependent on our attention.

A few months ago I sent out a detailed voice recording about our Forgotten Queen Lilith’s entry into Capricorn (do ask for this if you did not get it.) The texture of this flavor thickens because her powerful unification with Capricorn would have sat opposite this recent Full Moon in Cancer. The Sun, Venus, Saturn and Pluto accompanied her opposing energy! Do you know what this means? Well, the warm and cuddly home-dwelling Moon would have not been as smothering and pleasant as usual. We are left with many emotions that counteract all of our ambitions and a tendency to feel unloved. This feeling doesn’t need to be obvious, perhaps the emotions that were amplified under this Cancer Moon still need gentle examinations. It’s as though the fears of homelessness and our endless yearning for really belonging to something or someone are here, asking for our focus in an abstract way. When the Moon is in Cancer a return inward, to our natural emotional home takes place but….this Full Moon was different because of the forceful oppositions, demanding change in a hostile way. I know many who just burst into spontaneous cries and others who couldn’t get out of bed. Some were so charged with energy that they did not sleep for days. This is not just any Full Moon; her influences are still with us and will drag us towards a series of potent events such as the first Eclipse of 2018 that lands on a Blue Moon in Leo.

The energetic extremity continues and we wonder why when the Moon is waning. How can the Moon be waning? Let us call it a mirage or an optical illusion because some would say that the Moon is ALWAYS full. Let us consider this statement as FACT…especially since we are being lead to another Full Moon in January…Blazing, Ecliptic and in Leo.

Uranus; The Final Quarter and a Half

Uranus just went Direct in Aries on the 2nd of January in the last degrees (24 degrees) of the Star Sign. We will not be able to hold back on letting the inner revolutions OUT. Since August 2017, the wish for so much outer transformations developed. We all connected through the inner plains, desiring for various revolutionary manifestations. There was a collective desperation, holding us all together and waiting for the moment to say BOOM. With Uranus taking a direct turn in our glorious sky, the BOOM of a moment is here. From now until Uranus’s entry into Taurus, we will be working with the pinnacle of the 7-year cycle this planet generously offers. If we did not deal with our inner contradictions earlier, we better fasten our seatbelts as this lightening bolt awakener sends us to a state of serious negotiations. We must hurry and take a look at where this Awakener sits in our Astrological Birth Charts. We must also peek into where any Libra, Aries, Capricorn or Cancer aspects collide. Feel free to email me for a personal Astrological Analysis on this subject.

The final Quarter and a Half of the Uranus in Aries influences will have brutal endings to many unresolved independent movements or actions in our world. For example, we have not been hearing all that much about Cataluña’s wish for Independence since the closing of the States opportunity to vote. It would not be a surprise if such movements arose again closer to the end of this planetary cycle. Anything that was silenced since August 2017 and still needs to reveal some final decisions will be made known to us before May 2018. There is a collective danger of getting too confident in what needs to be done now. I hope we don’t overdo it, as Uranus’s entry into Taurus will naturally slow things down and perhaps bring about hefty economical crisis. Here are some excerpts of what I wrote earlier about this stimulating planet….

…..Did you know that Uranus moves through the Signs every 7 years? Uranus is at its final months of a cycle in Aries and will move into Taurus in May 2018. Whenever Uranus makes a shift, so do we, and the shifts tend to be experienced somewhat ferociously. The trick is to not resist and to collectively understand what is changing before the change actually happens. Let’s talk a bit about this erratic and futuristic planet. Uranus is unpredictable and a very loud messenger. The energy of such cosmic influences cannot be tamed nor understood. Uranus is always in the future, advancing, evolving and managing matters linked to technology, invention and information. This planet praises individuality and vomits at conventions. All that is eccentric, surprising, rebellious and uncanny dwells here. We can often link electricity to this planet as we can lightning, the sky and chaos. Many of us appreciate Uranus for it is never still nor stuck and is constantly encouraging what it touches to take risks and to take action through spontaneity. When Uranus is at the final moments of a 7-year cycle, we must open up to a collective awareness and gather information as to what’s to come. Since Uranus is making a shift into Taurus, we need to ask ourselves how can we learn from the last gifts of Uranus in Aries? How can we let the fire become earth? This icy planet spins from east to west and is lonely in its rotation with only Venus to accompany it. With 27 moons and out of character expressions, the shift from bold and authoritative Aries into Taurus will equal to a lot of financial woes. We need to take control of our finances and practical concerns because when Uranus steps into Taurus some will win big and others will lose all.

Some Astrological Reflections and Questions

I have been reading a lot of Astrology lately and seeing what this industry likes to share and promote. A topic that seems to be on almost everyone’s mind is the mystery of the Galactic Centre. There is also a resurrected focus on Sirius and a few other bright starry friends. This is interesting because what we all choose to care about at different times / seasons say a lot about what we need or what we are collectively searching for. Sometimes we are simply following trends but when we sincerely select our focus or become aware of it, much knowledge of our needs is found. This industry is full of basic information and many musings that lead us astray….you need to carefully select your interests / whom you follow and always allow for contemplation. Personally, I like to rely on books and ancient texts that have been passed down to us from the forefathers of Astrology (or what was preserved of it.) We should also test whomever we are following, see how their advice works for us and note down our discoveries. I am saying all this because I want the purity of Astrology to be preserved and for the world to appreciate it again by connecting with the people who really support the industry. On this note, I would love to hear your thoughts on WHY THE GALACTIC CENTRE IS SO IMPORTANT NOW? I am putting together an in-depth write up about this mysterious focal point and wish to interact a bit to bring to life the essence of the multidimensional message. Its an interesting one because as an Astrologer, I actually don’t speak of it too easily and all that much. There is something missing in the accuracy of interpretation linked to the GC. I am going deep into research and knocking on the doors of many many elders…..so do email me with any expressions, I will deeply appreciate it. Now, back to some more reflections….

….there was a time when no business, marriage or venture could take place without the advice of an Astrologer. In some current cultures, this still is the case. I wonder how many of you seek out Astrological advice before committing to a business partner or a lover? Astrology is a powerful tool and you must work with it to support even the most basic of tasks. My ancestor’s cookbooks are all written Astrologically and I truthfully miss the days when people would EAT according to the season and natural flow of things. We may not notice but this natural flow of our eating habits that once was has deep astrological roots! These modern times allow us to eat anything, anywhere, despite the fact that Sweet Potatoes may not even be in season! I ask myself just how far this disconnection to the natural will go?

May our persistent love of Astrology remind us of nature and its beautiful abilities. May we work with the cosmic influences to really benefit others and ourselves.

I say… write a list of what Astrology means to you and pin it up somewhere. Revisit that list in some months and you will be amazed at just how much your thoughts developed. That is Astrology…changing, evolving and flowing with the times.

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Hello again dear ones… isn’t this a LONGER write up than usual? I feel as though I could write and share infinitely. In fact, I think I will and shall start this aspiration by launching Star Medicine! Have a listen here….


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Some Closing Notes

When Mystical Touring with me, there is an emphasis on the word Mystical. No tour is ordinary. No Tour can fit into a predictable plan. The aim is to spiritually amaze you, to make your senses glide and soar. To teach you something not taught in everyday travel. To assist your growth and divine progression!

Divine Timing is everything when Touring with me.

I work with every individual’s Astrological Birth Chart, I calculate when and where you need to be somewhere to experience something! But….this is not all….the times are always changing as are the energies that surround the holy landscapes I select. Just because tomorrow may be a beneficial day to visit the Vatican doesn’t mean you will always have this chance.

Mystical Touring works with all of my abilities. I combine pretty much everything I know into specialized programs. This process goes beyond Astrology. The depths of Sacred Geometry and the Alchemy in my offerings dance with each and every Tour and yet….there is still so much more.

All you need to do is tell me what you want to accomplish on your next journey! I don’t even need to be there to ensure you are exactly where you need to be. I don’t even need to hold your hand throughout the process unless you want me to.

I do run Tours in-person too and you can enquire about this via clicking here.

Don’t be shy, make 2018 meaningful and Mystical Tour with me!

Happy and protected entry in 2018 everyone.

May all be Auspicious!

Love and light,


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