Jolly and Beneficial
Planetary Movements
June 2017

June has arrived and I am so happy! The lightness of this Astrologically beneficial month can already be felt.

We have so much to look forward to and I will start by mentioning the important Planetary Movements…..

  • Mars in Cancer from June 4th
  • Jupiter goes direct in Libra from June 9th
  • Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 9th
  • Gemini enters Mercury from June 6th
  • Venus in Taurus from June 6th
  • Neptune retrograde in Pisces from June 16th
  • Solstice on 21st
  • New Moon in Cancer on 24th

Tashi with Tarot Cards….as you can see, there are many yummy and juicy cosmic forms of support. To spell it out for you, it will REALLY be a beneficial month!

Make the most of this month by being as present with yourself as possible and on a daily basis. The effort and concern put into rekindling old flames, reuniting with loved ones and being open to meeting sincere connections will not go to waste. There is so much long awaited beauty and joy in the atmosphere that we must soak up and share! It is not often that we get to have so many yummy Planets dancing with the Star Signs that they rule.

The fact that Jupiter goes direct in Libra on the exact same day as the capacious and sanguine Full Moon in Sagittarius implies how easy it will be to start anew, connect with soul level friends, travel for fun and relaxation, plus to reinvent the way we approach our work for the world.

There is a chunk of romance in the air and this is not the average kind of romance. It is going to appear hot and steamy with a pace that will exceed expectations. If new flames light up in June please trust the mystery and be open to the explorative fast paced degree of a union. The friends we make in June will be made in a cosmically supportive manner and are destined to last for a VERY LONG TIME.

The wonderful world of work will shine bright if we utilize the combination of the Full Moon, Mercury in Gemini and Jupiter’s forward movement in Libra. These are all powerful buddies in professional matters and to avoid complication, be willing to socialize, be happy to focus on partnerships, appreciation of colleagues and clients as well as simply taking action rather than being still. There are fortunate features in all matters related to networking and meeting the right people at the right time so please please do get out there!

It hasn’t been easy adjusting to the over all frequency of the current times and we have been quite worked, tested and poked yet….if there was one month that allows a real celebration this year I am pointing to this one.

Let the lightness and cheerful expressions of June support your creativity, spiritual practice and optimistic wishes for yourself and others. Let it reach into your heart and make it playful again. Any new ventures started this month will have the blessings of the sky, think of June as a godsend. Think of June as a pleasantly healing and uplifting song. If we do face any troubles this month know that they shouldn’t last too long and are pushing us forward, forward out of anything stagnant.

Direct and playful communication is encouraged so let the child within take a bit of the center stage and live curiously.

After the 21st of June the watery covens will boil and the magic within will be expressed in our dreams, it will also be expressed in how we nurture others and in the readiness to go again, deep into the womb of truth. I can not say July will be as jolly because it will not however all that will come forth hereon in will not seem as difficult should we fill our tanks with fun this month and work with the positive energy to do many positive things!

Here is a short video going over this months beauty:

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I close up by offering you a song and want you to know that you are indeed with me in spirit, valued and cherished – through it all.


May all be auspicious dear ones and yes… share this, share your thoughts and dance dance dance.

Love and light,


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