Mystical Tours

Wouldn’t you like your next getaway to be a voyage of exploration: a passage to places especially selected for their ability to empower, support and transform your life?

Wouldn’t you like to travel consciously, working with the stars and symbols as your optimistic guide?

Welcome to MYSTICAL TOURS by TarotbyTashi

Working with astrology, sacred geometry, symbolism, the elements, and your own link to certain power spots in the cosmic aureole, Tashi consults the outer, inner, and secret aspects of your birth chart to discover those places most likely to have transformational power. Specific destinations can be recommended, or if you would like to go to a particular part of the world, Tashi will work with you to locate power spots in that region, and will find the most potent dates and times for your visit.

With the right preparation, we can be receptive to and access the special qualities of the sites recommended and bring together all that is needed to make your journey a meaningful and empowering one.

There are several kinds of Mystical Tours available:

Mystical Guided Tours

Since 1999, Tashi has lived an authentic Gypsy life, travelling constantly and in-tune consciously with the mystical elements of every land visited. With her, no voyage is ordinary: her life is all about finding, understanding, and bonding further with the mystical and spiritual plains.

Mystical Guided Tours are an opportunity to share in the accumulated wisdom of Tashi’s years on the road. One can join her on journeys as she travels to mystical lands such as Greece, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Spain, Australia, Portugal, India, and many more.

On these tours, you are guided to particular power spots, some famous, some more hidden, receiving explanations, historical background, teaching workshops on particular topics germane to the location, and learning how to access the deeper meaning of the places visited.

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Mystical Sojourns

These are personalised itineraries designed to guide an individual or a group on an unforgettable independent journey. Using the birth charts of the voyagers and other secret methods, activated locations of power are selected to benefit each traveller and help them achieve their goals. Whether that goal is to make a clean beginning, to support ones health, to become more open to love, or to grow spiritually, a Mystical Sojourn designed by Tashi will be supportive and empowering in any direction the voyager requests. Consultation, Maps, itineraries, checklists, background information, short talks delivered as MP3s, and conference calls in preparation for your individual trip are all part of the package. You need only tell Tashi your transformational goals, and Tashi will prepare an unforgettable Mystical Sojourn for you.

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A Mystical Tour by TarotbyTashi can also consult on weddings and other special events such as major birthdays.

The tools used in the planning of all forms of Mystical Tours are complimentary to the training Tashi received from her lineage and teachers.

The goal of these journeys isn’t a form of enhanced tourism, nor is it pilgrimage in the usual sense: It is to open to the opportunity, through the encounter with magical places, to find the magic that is always there within us and to remember the value of all that is mystical.

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