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The Last New Moon of 2017
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With the Sun, Moon, Venus, Saturn and Mercury all in Sagittarius, we will be gifted with the opportunity of Divine Goal Setting and if we allow it, this New Moon will knock our socks off towards greater realizations. The New Moon will take place on the 17th / 18th of December 2017 and peak at around 7:30am on the 18th (Parisian Time.) To be ready for the last New Moon of 2017, prepare for spiritual “take off” and open your heart to the swiftness of advancement. We are all natural born seekers and this Divine Archer won’t let our targets get away, so do ask for your wishes to be granted and they will! The strength of these 5 planets will provide us with a Jupiterian boon, Saturn has been in Sagittarius for a while now and just before its departure into Capricorn, it will offer us some final teachings on a needed cosmic order. With the support of so many juicy planets, we are destined to grow and in speeds unimaginable. This portal of advancement is short so please soak it up until the 20th because after that, the lights will dim and the REAL discipliner shall arrive.

How can we explore the immense wonders of this universe through our heart and soul? When can we just leap off into the unknown risk free? Sagittarius knows the path and never fakes a quest. The movements of this lucky Star have infinite benefits. There will always be some rough edges and difficult to control outcomes but the ride is well worth it and so is the wisdom obtained once done.

We all have some of this lucky Star within us; the Jupiterian blessings are vast and love to influence us into “believing.” Take these next few days as a precious reminder of how grand the universe is and contemplate on how we fit into it, what are we really? Aren’t these all worthwhile queries? A Sagittarius Moon would say YES and leap to the challenge of seeking out a supreme freedom! If it is a supreme freedom you want, aspire for it now! Wish with all your heart that this entire universe will be free of its misery and obtain the greatest gift of all… “Liberation.” This is where the last New Moon of 2017 is taking us; it is showing us the way to awakening and through a one pointed, fearless sense of certainty. It wants us to believe in more than what the rational mind permits. It wants us to believe in worlds beyond this one, in lands that exist far far away or deep deep within.  Do we ever wonder what is happening in the eye of a storm? Maybe there is an elegant party occurring or a stage of wild, glittery singers!

This stellium of Sagittarian power must be used alchemically and for the greater good. If you feel pain in your thighs, hips, lower back and pelvic area it is due to the concentrated planetary influences. A useful way to let the massive surge of new energy flow through you is to stabilize it by some deep stretches and by working with simple meditation practices. If the energy is too loud please have long and peaceful walks where you are focusing on your body and its movements. I will provide us with a New Moon Ritual now that will support the harnessing of this energy and please, do not be alarmed with the intensity of this time, it has come to recharge our spiritual batteries and reactivate our trust in the universe.

New Moon in Sagittarius Ritual, the Last New Moon of 2017

Why would such an opposite of subtle Star shine forth in the dying part of the year? Isn’t it a time for quiet and silencing so that we can work with our hidden and more delicate energies?

It does seem ironic that such a grandiose Sign influences us with chunks of intensity during this part of the year yet there is a profound reason and let me explain why…..

.…….the ascended Sagittarius influence is all about the inner quest and the inner Holy Grail retrieval. Sure, we need infinite outer journeys to arrive deep within ourselves but when we do arrive we are stunned by the glowing magnificence. It takes boosted levels of confidence and devotion to NEVER GIVE UP, so doesn’t it make sense that our Divine Archer arrives just before Solstice to enable an optimistic focus throughout the death of many layers? I sincerely think so!

We secretly want the Jupiterian emphasis because if we really think about it, it wouldn’t fit if the New Moon were in Libra or Pisces during the dying part of the year. We need something ALL-EMBRACING and large. This is exactly what we have; the luckiest signs of them all and this Star is here to remind us of the TRUEST QUEST.  If we remember we will be able to see in the dark and win our way towards the birth of the new light. We mustn’t give up nor fear the infinite roads, the journey will end and we will be victorious through our trust and fearless belief in a deeper sense of being. This Sagittarius New Moon coupled with the force of many other planets is blessing us with the energy we need to get through and ascend, high above the petty borders of the ego. Rise up dear hearts and enjoy the glory of this time.

The Rituals….

  1. Focus on your dreams, keep a dream journal beside your bed and pay attention to the visions you have during this New Moon. The Divine Archer is also a Shaman and can aid you through the magical world of dreams and sleep. I recommend that you specifically set the intention on the 18th night to receive a prophetic dream / vision that will help you on your soul-life journey. To assist this intention light a purple candle and place an amethyst crystal near your pillow. If you would like to complete an elaborate Prophetic Dream Ritual that was handed to me by my ancestors, please email me here and I will provide it to you.  If a prophetic dream / vision did not arrive, please look out for serendipitous signs on the 19th and 20th and ensure to write them down. For further information on working with Dreams and their Interpretations click here.
  2. As my mother and I would always do, CREATE A DIVINE VISION BOARD on the New Moon in Sagittarius! You will need a large coloured piece of paper ideally A2 in size. Cut out desired images from various magazines or print images of your goals from the Internet. Stick them all onto your Divine Vision Board and mark this as your wishes and aspirations of what you would like to accomplish in 2018. Feel free to draw on the board and write on it if you cannot find the matching images. I remember writing poetry on mine to cryptically express my goals. Be as creative as you please! Once you are done, burn the Divine Vision Board created under the light of the Sunrise on the 20th. Whilst burning this, see and feel all your aspirations succeeding and becoming complete in their nature. Children love this exercise so have fun getting all the family involved.
  3. Broaden your own Cultural or Religious perspective via researching / investigating something that attracts you. Honoring the New Moon in Sagittarius is to honor cultures from all around the world and their belief systems. If it is Astrology that interests you, read about a new theme linked to the subject. Our Divine Archer wants you to expand your horizons by watching an informative documentary or by actually going on a pilgrimage to a sacred place somewhere out there! Where will you go? Sometimes just sitting by the seaside or resting at the top of a nearby mountain is enough. Do something under the light of this New Moon to feed your soul and its curiosity. Be a pilgrim in whatever way that may mean to you! If you’re interested in Mystical Touring with TarotbyTashi in 2018 click here.
  4. The bright light of optimism is available so gather if you can around an open fire and tell wholehearted stories. Laugh at the magic of life and laugh because you love it. Laugh because you know life deserves to be celebrated. Have a cheerful and freeing time. Being beside an open fire is an instant way to feel the blazing splendor of this planetary influence.
  5. Soak your feet in a warm saffron infused bath. You can also add some Essential Oils and beneficial Salts. I recommend Honeysuckle, Jasmine and / or Amber.

I will be sharing a lot more with you soon as there will be MAJOR ACTION in our skies this December. I am tempted to start the #inallherforms ceremony on or around solstice (stay tuned.)

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Some Closing Notes…

On this New Moon you are being called to overcome your procrastinations. Be bold and take action in aiming towards your hearts quest. Do not be tactless; instead, know your worth and be a divine recipient of supreme wisdom. Feel motivated by the constant question of “what is my main purpose in this life?” Be motivated by the answers that arise and inspire a generous service to humanity! There is no frustration where divine intention is set, under this New Moon know your worth and aim higher. If there are patterns we need to overcome and habits we yearn to exhaust, this New Moon shall speed up the process of purification. Whatever occurs, see it as a chance to purify and cleanse the various layers that need to die down pre-solstice. If you can make the time to play, to be playful and create ways to express your creativity it will be healing and supportive. No need for point blank honesty now, turn it inward and ascend.

An Affirmation / Invocation

“I rise above all of the egos limitations and offer myself to the supreme service of humanity. My thoughts are as powerful as my eyes; what I think, is what I see, and what I think is what I am. May my thoughts never sway from the True Quest and may my eyes always be aligned firmly with the eyes of the Divine Archer.”


 Infinite New Moon Blessings Everyone!

Love and light,


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