New Moon in Scorpio
The Void of Course Moon
Raise The Frequency
November 2017

Well aren’t we all lucky? With the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Venus in Scorpio! I command a dance, a sexy and tasteful tango perhaps? Or a beat box, head swinging and saucy jiggle. The mood is high, mean, raw and provocative. I say dance it off, shake it off and ground yourself to the beats that go boom la la boom la la boom. This is a mood to feel, to taste with our hips whilst stepping closer to the sweating body of another. Rub up close to that other and let the wonders of 2 strange worlds collide. It’s a net of sensual intensity and can easily unify the extremes through our wishful adaptation. We are learning to be real now, as real as the dusk when it burns or the shimmer of a snowflake in the sun. We are learning to undo and to come undone.

New Moon in Scorpio

Mmm, says the lady in red, mmmm as she sips on the blood of a battle well won. The blood can be seen as a representation of the hefty efforts recently made when swimming through the swamps of transformation. The pre New Moon in Scorpio drive was kissed by the glorious Jupiter and Venus conjunction. This kiss lightened up the shadowy feel to our often “apparent” Scorpio season. Thanks to this, we can really dance it off now and ascend to lands that dissolve any deceptions. Thanks to this, we are willing to connect with the parts of us that often call for apprehension. I call upon you to dance, dance, dance, in the rhythms divine and the hums will caress you. The experience of this Astrological mood can be found in a melody. Learn without thinking; just be with your senses and the heartbeat in a song. You can turn to nature to find music, you can hear it in your inner tick and tock, that inner sweet clock…so make it a little easier and hold the mood up close. DANCE.

The Void of Course Moon

It wouldn’t surprise me if many of you are not familiar with this term in Astrology and it wouldn’t surprise me, if those of you who are, simply ignore it! What would be nice is to receive an overview on the subject and its interpretations (something Astrologers are starting to do again) so…I will try my best now, to emphasis on the benefits, the myths, my interpretations and the roots of this interesting phenomenon.

The Void of Course Moon is known to be a period of time, normally lasting a few minutes or on the rare occasion 48 hours, where our course of events are expected to be a little tougher and arrangements are influenced by sudden changes / diversions / halts. Some Astrologers purposely stop all-important plans because of their beliefs around this cosmic event.

Generally speaking, when the Moon is Void of Course (VOC) there is an interruption and we “float” in-between Star Signs. It tends to start after the Moon has made its last major aspect, like to the Sun or Planets and is still within the Sign, but considered VOC until it enters the next Sign. The main practice linked to this belief is the Horary branch of Astrology.

Some Ancient Greek writings state that the original VOC Moon occurs when the Moon is not making any exact Ptolemaic aspects within the next 30 degrees, regardless of the Star Sign limitations.

Ancient excerpts….

“There is void-coursing of the Moon whenever it is not applying to any planet, not bodily and not by figure [aspect.]” 
– Antiochus

“If you find the Moon void of all the planets, none of them aspects it, and none is in the ascendant or aspecting the ascendant, then this native is void of good in livelihood, possesses pain and hardship in the pursuit of what he needs.” 
– Carmen Astrologicum, Dorotheus

I want to bring new light of interpretation into the importance of the Void of Course Moon and clarify what it is and what it is not. Let’s not confuse such events with a Mercury Retrograde experience for example.

As you may know, our Moon starts a new chapter every time it enters a Star Sign but such chapters have different lengths. If you think about it, why is it that the Moon stays in some signs for a full 2 and a half days and then misses that final half or more in others? The main point is that, there is always a moment of stillness and this stillness is the phenomena of a transiting moon. You could call it an in-between state, the Void, or a simple pause / interruption but what we need to understand is how we will always find a break, a breath and a still sense of emptiness or so called nothingness in-between the switch! My interpretations of this pause are accompanied by a sense that we are being notified by the cosmos, to process and absorb whatever astrological influences are taking place. When the Moon is VOC we should reflect on what just happened, and what is about to happen because there is always a reason behind the rest. I do not feel it is a positive or negative gap, to me, it is really a chance to process and go deeper into the recent lessons and be ready for the lessons to come. The VOC Moon phenomenon is happening quite frequently and whether it lasts minutes or hours, we can use that information to interpret the importance of the switch. Some say when the Moon is VOC there is an eerie stillness in the world or a loud silence. Imagine if we were to use that gap, whenever it occurs, to go inward, to meditate and to simply return to the now?! This would probably be the absolute best form of advice on how to use this constant VOC Moon reminder from our cosmos.

What to do and not to do when the Moon is VOC

  • Do rest and rejuvenate, sleep in or laze about. Many are known to sleep a lot better
  • Do edit or correct work. Revise and go over plans, projects, writings, reports etc
  • Do Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual Practice
  • Do process experiences and lessons
  • Do prepare for the next steps
  • Do work with ones intuition
  • Do have a quick getaway, holiday or retreat
  • Do Not attempt to force any situation
  • Do Not chatter uselessly, being secretive and reserved is encouraged
  • Do Not start any major new projects
  • Nothing is affirmative during this time so do your best to stay in the middle

Why all this emphasis on the VOC Moon?

For those of you who know me, know that a lot of what is dominant in my Star Map is linked to the Star Sign Scorpio. When we enter Scorpio season, I get rather taken and was on this uncanny high as 4 of our most beloved planets entered the Sign (Jupiter, Sun, Moon and Venus.) The cool thing is, the Moon is VOC as I am writing this post and it is in Scorpio! This very fact is what is propelling me to express some thoughts on the matter. The Scorpio covered VOC Moon is one of my preferred ones and that is not because I am being biased in any size shape or form (wink wink!) It is really only because it has so much obvious power attached to it. We can feel the availability to this power without having to think or suspect much. It is just there and loud and wanting us to explore it by tuning into a more spiritual note. So, whenever the Moon is VOC, try to tap into the benefits of the stillness before the switch and just be with the energy that is being made available. It is a vibration to appreciate.

Time to Raise the Universal Frequency! 

We will be Raising the Universal Frequency on the New Moon in Scorpio on the 18th of November 2017 between the hours of 9pm and 11pm (Parisian Time.) This is a FREE event and it will be our 6th time uniting!

In the last Union we gathered from all around the world (a few hundred of us) and joined hearts to meditate on loving kindness for each other and all beings. All we need to do, during the hours listed, is simply sit quietly, wherever we feel comfortable and send love and light to the entire universe (including ourselves.)

Since we are all uniting to make this possible, from all around the globe, the effect will prove potent and therefore shall Raise The Universal Frequency!

Please join us by clicking here.

Additional information about this event.

Do feel free to share this event with all of your friends.

Some Comments To Close

The Last month has been all about Sacred Scent making and working with the Importance of Lilith in Astrology. I am so thrilled that we managed to enter this magical realm of work just as Lilith was shifting from Sagittarius into Capricorn. For those of you who are interested in receiving a Free Voice Recorded Message about Lilith’s shift, please click here. I would love to transmit this information directly as opposed to typing it out. My love for Lilith #inallherforms goes beyond just Astrology and if you want to know more about my feelings and expressions you can take a look at this recent post.

In honour of her might, our daughter of Hecate, I have created a Sacred Scent (Essential Oil perfume blend) that captures the Astrological power of this current transit and is tickled with enchanted substances such as Amber, Sage and Clove. I have also maintained the ritualistic approach in Sacred Scent making that was handed down to me and that always respects the alchemical process in such creations. We smell to experience, to remember, to create memory and to know. Through this important portal (scent) we receive so much and I want this Lilith creation to be just that; a gift from me to you, to receive the Importance of Lilith….in a bottle! If you are interested in obtaining a Sacred Scent or would like to know more about this process from me, do respond to this email. I custom make Sacred Scents to suit various needs and work with Astrology and other magical methods as a platform.

Happy Mystical and Empowering Astrological Month of November everyone.

Until the next time…DANCE DANCE DANCE!

Love and light,


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