Raising the Frequency

A TarotbyTashi Initiative

A few years ago, I was sitting up high on a steep rock face in an ancient mountain range somewhere between Catalunya and France. In the vast space of this magnificent spot, so close to my core, I was suddenly inspired with this wish: I saw our entire universe just stopping what it was doing for a few moments, at the exact same time, and connecting with each other from the heart, meditating on loving kindness. I know that my teachers are the main inspiration behind these aspirations and because of their infinite wisdom and compassion such methods are born!

There is always an intensification of magic when many unite their divine intentions together. This is because the power of each person’s pure intention is amplified by orders of magnitude when joined with the practice of others. It struck me how amazingly powerful this practice would be, and how it will support the healing process for our sacred and ever-giving Mother Earth. This is exactly how Raising the Frequency came to be. Many have participated since our first session in 2016, and the intention is that someday hundreds and thousands of us will unite, at the exact same time, on energetically and astrologically potent days, scattered throughout the year, to meditate on loving kindness for the benefit of one another and all of our universe.

Raising the Frequency is an invitation to join in the magic of this practice. It is as simple as can be, and all can participate: All we do during these few moments is sit quietly wherever we feel comfortable and send out love and light to the entire universe (including ourselves). The sacredness of this practice comes from the pure intention we set together, and the glory of Meditation itself, which, in its many forms, arising in all human societies, has been practiced since the very beginning.

With our hearts centered and minds at ease, we can accomplish great things together. At the end of each combined session, we dedicate the merit accumulated for the supreme benefit of our entire universe and one another. Once again, anyone can participate: all you need is your heart!

You can follow the Raising the Frequency Facebook Page and keep up to date with upcoming events!

I am truly looking forward to continue to unite with all of you for the utmost benefit of our universe.

May love and light shine forth for all.


Raising the Frequnecy