Sacred Scents

The importance of scents and spirituality has been desired since the beginning of time.

To the ancient Greeks, the importance of scents was said to be a gift from the gods who taught the people the art of perfumery and honouring scents.

There is a myth that Aphrodite, the goddess of supreme love and beauty was the first to use perfume.

Woman and men wore Sacred Scents in Ancient Greece. They were used in almost all ceremonies and rituals from birth to death. It was considered an auspicious omen when giving birth and when getting married. What most of us forget is that Sacred Scents were an integral part of any death ceremony.

Sacred Scents were also considered a hospitality. When guests arrived, servants would bathe the guests feet in perfumed oils.

Just one Greek word: “arómata” describes the power of incense, perfume, spices and aromatic medicines.

At the oracle of Delphi, the oracle priestesses sat over smouldering fumes of magical ingredients to inspire an intoxicating trance.

There is evidence across almost all ancient civilizations that smell is the oldest and most magical sense so therefore, (when used correctly) it can propel spiritual awakening amongst many other things!

Inspired by the glory of the past, the magic of the present, the limitlessness of the future and my precious teachers, TarotbyTashi is excited to launch an entrancing range of Sacred Scents. These magical creations will work with Astrology, the elements and wisdom of the ancients. One can also order a custom made Sacred Scent directly from Tashi.

The TarotbyTashi Sacred Scents line will be apart of an ongoing project conquering the art of divine scent making.

Not one scent will be replicated. All scents unique and delicately mastered.

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