knowledgeable, insightful reader

Tashi is a knowledgeable, insightful reader of the Tarot whose clarity helps us find our way through the confusing tangle of circumstances.

– Chagdud Khadro

I was beyond amazed by Tashi’s precise ability

I reached out to Tashi a couple of months ago because I knew I was entering into my Saturn return and a lot of changes were happening in my life that created some confusion and doubt in my mind. I was beyond amazed by Tashi’s precise ability to interpret and communicate the interworking of my chart—with so much patience, compassion, empathy, and insight.

She uncovered things about myself and my life that I felt on a subtle level but hadn’t yet recognized or trusted. This has helped me to gain confidence and clarity in moving forward with my next steps. I am very grateful to have met Tashi and will continue to refer friends to her as I truly believe in her ability to benefit people through her work.

– Arya Cayton, Nepal

Deeply intuitive, sensitive, bright

Tashi is a deeply intuitive, sensitive, bright, “un-trippy” and an absolutely lovely individual. I have never asked anyone to read my cards, but I trusted and felt comfortable with her; she has no other “agenda” but to help others “on their way.”

– Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel

Sensitivity and Accuracy

I requested a Divination from TarotbyTashi and was impressed by Tashi`s sensitivity and accuracy.

– Johannes Hoyer, Norway

SO MUCH compassion, exertion, and clarity

I first visited Tashi due to witnessing her do a spontaneous reading for a friend. I was very surprised by the extremely precise nature of the reading, as I often think of psychic readings as more intuitive and less specific. Since then I have received both short and more detailed readings from her, depending on the situation. I have found them extremely helpful, and extremely accurate, often in a very down to earth, practical way, such as choosing travel dates, simplifying plans, and deciding how to proceed when an important decision needs to be made and when I am unable to see the situation clearly. She has also been extremely accurate when describing the atmosphere or hidden energies around a situation. Without question, each reading I have received from her has been extremely helpful in simplifying and getting clear. She treats each situation with SO MUCH compassion, exertion, and clarity, and I have recommended her to many friends. Most recently, a close friend told me it was the best reading she had ever had. This is not the first time I have heard that!

– Tara diGesu, Europe

Thank you very much Tashi!

Tashi really helps me to understand how to live my own life to make it happy and beautiful instead of waiting for the happiness to come… indeed Happiness is not something you reach one day, but that’s something you create by what you are doing, saying, etc. And it is an every day way of life… and we are actors not spectators. Thank you very much Tashi!

– Christine, France

an excellent diviner

Tashi is an excellent diviner. I have asked for readings since 2011 and found them very supportive and accurate. I find Tashi’s readings especially helpful when I am at a crossroads and not sure which direction to turn. I have also found them helpful for very practical and simple matters such as which box to tick on a form to bigger life changing questions or simply deciding which house to live in! There is no limit to what you can ask to have a reading on, and always for the benefit of all.

– Mala, United Kingdom

a great dose of realism and presence

I was referred to Tashi by a close friend who knew the difficulties I was having in recent times in taking decisions in my life; indeed, my petition was called “search of light to take a decision.”

 What I didn’t expect is that this light would came from inside of me, and this is what happened when I listened to Tashi’s Divination. 

It is comforting and encouraging to find someone who is able to amplify this little voice called “intuition”, muted for so long….this voice of equanimity, which tells you the way to follow, softly and firmly at the same time; a great dose of realism and presence. 

Deeply grateful.

– Javier V, Spain 

Her insights are uncanny in their depth and accuracy

My favorite TarotbyTashi service is the 12-Houses Astrological reading, which serves as a compass to help navigate the oceans of life. I have ordered a new reading towards the end of every cycle since the first one in April 2013. I enjoy receiving her newsletters about astrological influences on the planet in between services too.

Tashi’s sincere warmth, loving kindness and concern for her clients emanates through her voice as she imparts deep relatable truths. I love the mp3 format as I can listen at home, in the car, or while hiking in nature, absorbing the fresh air and wisdom. I am grateful for this beautiful gift and I plan on continuing to consult Tashi as her services have become part of my self-care regimen, personal healing and evolution.

TarotbyTashi came at the right time with a shining referral, and has helped me through the most difficult and transformational chapter yet (Saturn Return). Her insights are uncanny in their depth and accuracy, and I have come to trust Tashi as a spiritual guide, who reflects my truth back to me before and often better than I can see it at times.

– Gina, Los Angeles

Always very accurate

I felt I needed some guidance in life and a good friend recommended TarotbyTashi and I am always open to trying new things. I find the TarotbyTashi Enewsletter awesome and I love how Tashi talks, how gentle but straight forward she is and its all always very accurate. My favourite TarotbyTashi service is having a reading be sent to me and I like the Enewsletters. Working with Tashi is successful because it feels good and accurate. I will continue to refer people to TarotbyTashi and I really enjoy what you do.

– Erika W, California