Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo
Free Yourself
Nurture The Truth Within
January 31st 2018

Have we been lying to ourselves? Refusing to remember the truth that exploded in our hearts during the months that preceded last August? Something happened then, the truth was raw, our inner and outer veils came down and as hard as it may have been, we got to feel and remember the underlying sadness. Many of us experienced it and washed away all worries through tears of release. Some got through with ritual and prayer. Others paid their way by accepting endings that led to wonderful beginnings and there were some, (like me) who delayed the rightful action and are now being confronted to let Mother Nature lead.

On the 31st of January 2018 at 17:53 New Delhi time, a Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo will take place and command our skies. It is said to peak at around 18:59 New Delhi time and this anticipated phenomena will last approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes.

The influential energies have been with us for some months now and will continue to influence us for the initial portion of the year. Depending on where the light of this Full Moon in Leo sits in your birth map, it will determine a lot about how you will be impacted personally. You should also take any Aquarian placements into account and work with the degrees of this Full Moon and upcoming New Moon in Aquarius/Solar Eclipse to deliberate your predictions.

The Heart of IT

The Oxford dictionary meaning for the word Man is…”Human beings in general; the human race.”

….We human beings in general, also considered as MAN, with our top of the food-chain status here on Earth, still marching away in a body that carries over 100,000 kilometres of blood vessels and 300 million capillaries, are actually capable of so much more than simply pumping away 1 million barrels of blood, during a single lifetime!  Yes….you heard me, we are producing around 600 millilitres of saliva each day and probably not even noticing it!

So then…the magical question is “what for?” …why all this activity to keep a human body functioning? Well….the general person would probably only ponder over this question a few times in one lifetime. Normally, the depth of thought comes from health complications, losing something we love or perhaps being high on a meditative drug. Whatever the case, do we even thank the heart that beats around 35 million times a year to ensure we are breathing? And…what is it that stops us from experiencing the 300 kilometres an hour message, which travels from our brain through our nerves? Are we even capable of unparalleled foresight?

Yes we are.

Yes we truly truly are.

And this Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo will ensure it!

Being Human

We humans are distinguished from other species by our superior mental development, upright/vertical stance and power of articulate speech. The healthy and harmonious combination of elements enables imagination, creation and more but…what makes us particularly unique is our intuitive yearning. This “yearning” can lead to spiritual attainments as it can lead to infinite perils. The point is that, so many of us have the best faculties in place, to assist some form of TOTAL experience that can free us and those around us, from whatever it is that keeps us bound. This rare yearning is also felt in our bittersweet symphonies of love. Our love can be felt from our central channel as it can be experienced as unconditional when raised to the highest degree. In better words, we are fundamentally kind. Most species however, simply feel to survive.

We, Kings and Queens at the top of the food chain, need to take a moment or two and reflect on what we can do with these privileges? It actually really is a privilege to have a so-called mind and heart which functions in an almost harmonious way. This mind and heart once united in intention can manifest the Pyramids of Giza as it can live in the past, present and future all in the now!

Our regal status as Humans is something the Lion of this Moon would like us to consider and really evaluate. Our independent and collective responsibilities as humans are dangling on the surface of all themes now. As Aristotle would say, “in order for Man to perfect his humanity, he must be the best man he can be.”

This is it! We all, as Kings and Queens on this Earth need to rule our lives again by honoring that we can achieve greatness, by rejoicing that we can love, by believing that we can arrive to a land beyond dualism and by experiencing what it truly means to be human….and….simply being it.

Last August united us in the outer sorrows of change, we came to a visual understanding of how the world we live in, isn’t as easy as we would like it to be. The outer curtains were pulled away and we humans got a glimpse of how such privileges are abused. This is the danger of dishonoring our human-ness. In fact, the term “inhumane” implies that when someone is being cold hearted they are not being “human.” This then would further imply, that to be human is to be kind and not because we are seeking out fans or validation. This perfected kindness is the fundamental nature of all humans and when this kindness is not accepted we fall pray to silly distractions that turn us away from “in” and definitely delay our ability to experience a 300-kilometer an hour message travelling from our brain through our nerves.

This Lunar Eclipse in Leo has a heart of gold, waiting to burst into infinite pieces so that the value of our supreme fundamental nature can be cherished. We all deserve this treasure, this treasure within. It is our right as the lords of this earth to use the greatest weapon “LOVING KINDNESS” and through that….raise ourselves to the highest degree. We are the example, we are leading the way and through this cosmic reminder may we lead it well. The journey is shorter than we know and this swiftness called LIFE mustn’t be underestimated. Our 1 million barrels of blood, pumping away in one lifetime as well as the 100,000 kilometers of blood vessels and 300 million capillaries are all distinctively cheering aloud, for our lives to NOT be wasted.

Make the most of this generous life by accepting your fundamental nature that is no other than the glory of being human.

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Infinite Full Moon, Blue Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse

in Leo Blessings Dear Hearts

Love and light,


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