The Importance of
Lilith in Astrology
& The Divine and Sacred
Feminine Principal

Working with Lilith and understanding her importance in Astrology will continue to be a theme for me. We all know that the state of the world is so delicate so let’s not waste this chance to hear what is being expressed collectively and to care for our Beloved Mother Earth and all that surrounds.

Lilith in Astrology ignites what is true and commonly suppressed, why must we keep up appearances when we tend to close our doors and care for nothing? There is always a prize when facing what is not so perfect, down in the profundities and letting it express how beautiful it can be when not bound to conventionalities!

Our darling Lilith is often misunderstood, just like Medusa and Kali Ma. Why? because we fear what we cannot control and prefer to avoid transformation through direct confrontation. Since this rise of reclaiming the Divine and Sacred Feminine principal is so loud now, I couldn’t think of a better time to work with Lilith in Astrology.

Lilith presents to us our wounds of rage, dimensions that we hide with conceit and only unleash when threatened. It takes a lot of poking to unleash Lilith from the depths but when she comes out it is never harmonious. Her ways are fierce and often destructive. Yet there is so much wisdom in this temperament and face of the Divine and Sacred Feminine, as there is a captivating song. We just need to learn to hear her! Her songs are often sung with encryptions, codes and riddles. We just need to learn to understand. The closer we get to her underground playground the easier it will be to harness the wild energy so that we can direct it in ways that serve truth, strength and freedom. Lilith does not want us to be bound to anything nor anyone and she does not appreciate being told what to do. This is why delicate and kind steps are needed to give her the attention that she deserves.

Lilith is an obvious embodiment of the outcome when the Divine and Sacred Feminine is mistreated and abused. Whether we look at this from a Mythological or Astrological perspective it really doesn’t matter. Lilith’s representation remains the same and her message is always linked to how we must “respect well the home of the hands that feed us.” Symbolically, I can easily place Lilith as a bodyguard to our Sacred Mother Earth, her alongside various other oppressed goddesses.

A Spotlight on Lilith in Astrology is the door to working with the shadow of the Divine and Sacred Feminine. When we learn to understand the inner imbalances we can then create a healthier outer experience and serve our world with dignity. Simply understanding Lilith archetypically is already useful because it demonstrates just how wrathful the result of neglecting the Divine and Sacred Feminine really is.

In case you didn’t know, Lilith in ones Astrological Birth Chart can represent a point of despotism, denial, rebuttal and trauma. If you take the chance to work through all her layers, riddles and fears, in the end she will be a direct channel into the magical Universe and bestow power and protection. Confronting Lilith’s fire is one of the steps a person must take during the process of assimilating the repressed parts of the psyche. I am a strong believer that working with Lilith is a precious medium to heal the wounds of the Sacred and Divine Feminine that have been neglected for many many centuries.

In Mythology we can find the name Lilith traced back to over 5000 years. To some sources, Lilith is the daughter of Hecate. The Sumerian and Mesopotamian world values her as a fertility Goddess and to the Hebrews and / or Christians she was considered the first wife of Adam (before Eve).

Understanding her “hard to subjugate” energy is the threshold to understanding those parts hidden within us that are scary and wild.  Her sphere is the mysteries of the subconscious.  She understands powerful and supernatural forces.

Trauma, hidden desires, magic, prostitution, violence, seduction, raw truth, power, chaos, fear, limitations, key karmas, addiction, purification, the unknown, that which lies outside the boundary, sexual needs, daringness, secrets, facades, witchcraft, bondage, death, transformation, vulnerability, revenge, solitude, vengeance, defence mechanisms of all kinds and tough love is indeed her domain.

When we seek to understand what torments us most, what’s brewing and churning and keeps us up at night, when we seek to evolve and transcend all the self-imposed limitations and things that bind us, we couldn’t find a better starting point or surer guide than our misunderstood Lilith.

Working with Lilith in Astrology via TarotbyTashi

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In the months to come I will definitely delve deeper into the wider topic “The Divine and Sacred Feminine” and I do encourage you to express any special requests that you may have as to what you would like me to touch on as well as share your thoughts here.

Working with such principals goes beyond just Astrology, it is the very solution to restore and heal all the imbalances we are facing in our world today. It is the path to unification of the polarities and upliftment of all beings.

If Lilith could speak….

“I will not submit to you and be put beneath like a serving maid. I am his who dares to pay my price. I ask too much, you say? Yet I give ALL. Why do you hold back? I warn you. If you send me away, you will fall asleep, And your rib will be taken out for your mate. You banish me, but you will be cast out from the garden and struggle to be reborn. I will return to remind you of what you really want. How you feel broken with a mate who is but a part of you, like a crutch. I hurt, I am ill. What is this place where the children live in cement boxes and eat chemicals for food. The land is burning with the raging fires of war, My trees are cut down, ruthlessly uprooted, Animals thanklessly consumed; my life blood spilled out for greed, I cannot live here. I must go…But you will hear my voice- in the wailing of women mourning their dead children–in the whimpers of the hungry babies, the floodplains of my heart will pour out over the land, And you will hear my voice in the howling winds and the hurricanes–in the earthquakes and the volcanoes! Awake, O thou whom my soul loveth, and come, Come into my garden, where the spices flow out. Come into your garden and eat the pleasant fruits. Come into the temple for the holy rites of love. Set me as a seal upon thine heart, For love is strong as death. Set your soul free.” 

– M. Kelley Hunter

With a sincere and active understanding, I look forward to embrace this more and more.

Thank you so much for your support!

Love and light,


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