July 2017 Astrology
Sunbathe Your Genitalia
Capricorn Full Moon &
The Vastness of Being

How can Sunbathing your Genitalia and Astrology be related? Why is July so deeply connected to The Vastness of Being? Don’t be surprised, all of this is related and significantly.

Sunbathe Your Genitalia

According to Gypsy Law and numerous Ancient Traditions, exposing our Genitalia to the sunlight is vital for longevity, production of beneficial hormones and ones overall well-being. If we expose our Genitalia to the sunlight for 10-15 minutes a day, we are guaranteed to feel clearer, healthier and energized. Even if we do this once a week we will immediately experience the results. Men benefit from this exercise more than woman do and it is particularly stated that a man should expose his Genitalia to the sunlight to increase his testosterone. I am sharing this Gypsy Lifestyle Tip with you because it has a strong link to this upcoming Full Moon in Capricorn on the 9th. This Full Moon will bring out an emphasis on how we love and take care of our Bodies. It will also work on our self-confidence and aptitude to progress with less self doubt. Consider sunbathing in the nude this Full Moon to kick start July with one of the greatest sources of power…. The SUN and its LIGHT.

Full Moon in Capricorn – July 9th 2017

“Unstick, Unravel and Unwind.”

With Pluto breathing all over this Full Moon we are 1 degree away from uncontrollable crumples of what we find certain. Do not take risks this Full Moon. Be very aware of the intensity around insecurity and self-esteem. To support the light of this Moon, take care of ones body, focus on bringing more of the Earth Element into the weeks to come and be attentive to the professional commitments above all. When a Capricorn Moon is stimulated by Pluto, the not so shy version of oneself will appear and ambitiously tear things down. We are probably better off NOT trusting the heated impulses and instead, using what may seem to boil towards our hard working and reliable goals. There will be a lot of energy about and it can assist us through a deeper transformation if we stabilize the energy through working with the body. Exercise and simple breathing techniques will be highly suitable on or around this Moon. The point is to absorb the energy we are being provided with and not use it up as it comes. The main reason why a storehouse approach is needed is due to the dangerously LOUD Eclipse Season that is imminent in August. If we can be observant towards what is moving within and ground the cosmic energy, we will then be able to understand what will be greatly challenging in planetary contentious August!

A lot of us will experience feelings of envy over the course of the next week and need to understand that the cause of this is our insecurities, which are undergoing a cosmic evaluation. Positively speaking, we will eventually be led to a releasing of self-doubt and will move towards a greater state of confidence come the end of this month when the New Moon moves through Leo. The teachings of this Full Moon are to Unstick yourself from whatever ambitions are not aligned with integrity and move towards (even if harder) ethics from the heart. We also need to Unravel what we tie up so well and just let the feelings flow. It doesn’t matter if we are experiencing “a lot” of feelings, we need them to move and shift and be free from them ultimately. If we do not Unravel we will then face the danger of further confusion in intimacy and personal goals. Loosen up and let the joy of living winds blow! Lastly, Unwind…Unwind because you deserve it! Open an aged bottle of Red Wine, sit by a warm fire or dip your feet in a crystal blue pool. Sit by a tall tree and snooze or go to the Library and read a good book. Unwinding is needed now, how else do you expect to stabilize this potent energy! The insights you seek around life will come to the surface through calming activities this Full Moon.

The Vastness of Being

Everything around this July and Astrology points towards “The Vastness of Being.”  It is so easy to sit and write and write about the basic Astrological impacts of a time and date yet to really capture the essence of what is happening in our basic language feels impossible. I want to try and paint a picture through words, take you on a journey that isn’t at all stripped down by grammar or logic. Let my words here paint an experience that will leave a melody, a tune, a scent and a theme of electric majesty. I need you to open up to the NOW and be here with these words, be here with the presence that is speaking. I am just a vessel; a medium and a mechanical structure that dances on air yet gets bound by what we call gravity. Do you like gravity? I know I do, at least for now. Having some gravity is needed when being here; a part of this world, a world we call home. Did you know that the Earth celebrates its birthday in July? I was not aware of this and wonder if it’s true. I feel it to be quite nice that the Earth has a birthday, maybe it will give us a surge of inspiration to care more for her and become a friend of the life that is constantly surrounding us. The life we depend on. Now back to the picture, the experiential painting of The Vastness of Being. Be here with me, feeling and absorbing the words from the sky that rain down from the echoes of the infinite stars and kiss us with their glow. I know you feel it and want to lie back, exploring the universe with your mind, a freer mind, a mind that shares no limits. This limitless mind, that is found when we are in complete symphony with all and all, wants you NOW and calls to you now, as the stars rise before us. There is no need to feel swept away by the concept of time nor let it bleed you. Why be afraid when ALL is here, ALL is now and current. If you sit with it, the air, the light, the sound, the night, you will be one with it, just being. I am not a servant to the mess my naughty mind can lead me to; I am an inspired wisher of peace and a peace that comes from within. There is no ancient history that omits the importance of connecting and linking to the world beyond limits. If we can just be, we will be, always and forever here, alive and brightly aligned with the moment. Tear down the chatter, the words, and the critical judgments to then hear what is softer, patient and kind. You are painting, too, every moment and with that knowing, make it beautiful, make it kind, make it tolerant and make it divine. July is reminding us of The Vastness of Being and will live in us, through this reminder, through this sweet and gentle reminder.

Stay in touch beautiful people.

Love and light,


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