New Moon In Libra
Uranus in Opposition
October 2017

There is a lot to compliment when looking up at our frequently undervalued sky, there is a lot to absorb and appreciate when looking up.

The October Astrological Influences are just a little too good and just a little too useful, yet we could go missing a whole lot, should we pretend that a whole lot isn’t going down! The remainder of this month’s theme challenges us quite remarkably and wants us to take off our sleeping masks to have a clear and wise look at what is floating in our atmosphere. We may notice the odd and unusual right there, right in our bedrooms and then turn away as though it never really happened or it wasn’t all that big of a deal. The deliciously lazy and beautiful Libran would want a few “no need to worry” encounters and is probably urging some to take of their pants!

There are oodles to notice when we start to look well at what surrounds us and decipher if this lightness of a Libra infused occasion is what we really want? Libra has bundles more to offer than the initial lazy, pensive and socially pleasing style. To really cash in on the remaining portion of October you will need to take the days ahead with precision and do not let the preliminary “easy does it” charm steal the way. Grab a hold of what a Libra really intends and that I tell you is far more daring and life changing than meets the eye.

The New Moon in Libra said to rise on the 19th / 20th is in a complimentary alliance with the Sun, Venus, Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter. There are quite a few joyous appearances in our star-lit sky confirming the fun yet….

… we really want to bypass growth whilst sipping on chardonnay?

The secret to unlock this New Moons blessings is to let the opposition of Uranus in Aries actually happen! Because things just feel pretty cool right now, we could frankly end up missing the main events.

Why is the Uranus opposition so important? To put it crudely, Uranus stands for revolutionary enlightenment and will push for radical approaches and fresh starts. The simple way would be to continue enjoying our Venusian time but….if we really want to see just how fair and grandiose a Libra provoked month can be, let this signs influence amaze you and prepare you to pull out that sword.

How To Work With This New Moon In Libra

  • Attend to any legal matters
  • Open your heart to change through precision
  • Hold an event
  • End or start a relationship
  • Clean out your Laptop or PC
  • Write a formal complaint or compliment
  • Run a leadership program
  • Make sweet love
  • Take poetry writing seriously
  • Finish a book or two
  • Organize your life
  • Learn about anything that brings in beauty
  • Hire or fire someone
  • Apply for a promotion or raise
  • Really start something

A Little More Juice On Uranus

Did you know that Uranus moves through the Signs every 7 years? Uranus is at its final months of a cycle in Aries and will move into Taurus in May 2018. Whenever Uranus makes a shift, so do we, and the shifts tend to be experienced somewhat ferociously. The trick is to not resist and to collectively understand what is changing before the change actually happens. Let’s talk a bit about this erratic and futuristic planet. Uranus is unpredictable and a very loud messenger. The energy of such cosmic influences cannot be tamed nor understood. Uranus is always in the future, advancing, evolving and managing matters linked to technology, invention and information. This planet praises individuality and vomits at conventions. All that is eccentric, surprising, rebellious and uncanny dwells here. We can often link electricity to this planet as we can lightning, the sky and chaos. Many of us appreciate Uranus for it is never still nor stuck and is constantly encouraging what it touches to take risks and to take action through spontaneity. When Uranus is at the final moments of a 7-year cycle, we must open up to a collective awareness and gather information as to what’s to come. Since Uranus is making a shift into Taurus, we need to ask ourselves how can we learn from the last gifts of Uranus in Aries? How can we let the fire become earth? This icy planet spins from east to west and is lonely in its rotation with only Venus to accompany it. With 27 moons and out of character expressions, the shift from bold and authoritative Aries into Taurus will equal to a lot of financial woes. We need to take control of our finances and practical concerns because when Uranus steps into Taurus some will win big and others will lose all.

The Uranus and New Moon Opposition Opportunity

This passage brings an encounter with the Awakener!

Some may say that this could come in the form of another person or outside situation that wiggles you far away from your comfort zone.  Others would say that an inner flash of lightning will take place and a new path or plan that was never expected nor called for will appear. With such oppositions life will take an unpredictable turn, requiring us all to be, innovative or unprompted in the way we respond. We may find ourselves reacting to others with a powerful impulse to throw off the fetters of anything that feels limiting (like taking off our pants.) The last time this opposition took place, I recall a friend of mine just getting up and walking out of a job, quitting right there and then!

I also recall another friend of a friend getting down on one knee, a day after promising himself he would never ever get married. The extreme impulses under such planetary influences CAN be trusted. They need to be seen as a needed “new character or plot twist” in our lives. Let us open up to this opposition and the challenge of change will impress, whatever the musings, action is ultimate.

I sign off now wishing you all a wisdom bringing New Moon time and will close up with a Homage to the element Air.

According to Plato, Air it is associated with the octahedron and is considered to be both hot and wet. The Ancient Greeks used two words for Air: aer meant the dim lower atmosphere, and aether meant the bright upper atmosphere above the clouds. Plato, for instance writes that “So it is with Air, there is the brightest variety which we call aether, the muddiest which we call mist and darkness, and others for which we have no name.” Among the early Greek Pre-Socratic philosophers, Anaximenes (mid-6th century BCE) named Air as the arche. A similar belief was attributed by some ancient sources to Diogene Apolloniates (late 5th century BCE), who also linked Air with intelligence, wisdom and the soul (psyche), but other sources claim that his arche was a substance between air and fire. Aristophanes parodied such teachings in his play “The Clouds” by putting a prayer to Air in the mouth of Socrates.

Homage to you Air, who brings forth the Wit of a Gemini, the Aspiration of an Aquarian and the Precision of a Libra. Homage to you!

Love and light,


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