Pisces Full Moon
With Neptune
& Chiron Conjunct
September 6th 2017

“Calming & Healing Waters Post Eclipse Heat”

We are at the end of an Astrological Full Moon – Lunar Cycle, Pisces (the wisest of them all) is blessing us now as we are lifted into new and cleansed emotionally healing states.

When the Moon rises Full in Pisces we are often presented with a choice, a choice of reason, a choice that questions our strength!

Do we enhance our delusions or swim towards creative and healing clarity? This is the choice of this Full Moon.

It’s better to not doubt the destruction that can come from escapism or selecting the easy way out, if you endure a little and swim through the wild currents; calming and soothing waters will arrive. That’s the blessing of this Full Moon….“a chance to be softened, to feel and unwind in a rhythm so playful that presents clarity in the most creative of packages.”

The coincidental or random sequence of events that will continue after this Full Moon are linked to the discovery of new and useful pathways. Pathways that have been calling us and wishing for our acknowledgement for a very long while now. The post Eclipse lessons continue and this Full Moon provides the saturation of peace we need to process the hardest bits, the lessons that we did not want to learn or felt exhausted by.

I love Pisces Moons because of their tender and gentle encouragement. What we must understand is that this tenderness needs to be appreciated, if we take the side of restless escape we will miss the kind and wise song. A kind and wise song which tells us how easy it can be and how needed it is to simply decompose, exhale and rest into the moment.

What to do under the influence of this Full Moon:

  • trust the enhanced psychic powers
  • give or receive a divination
  • listen to your favourite music
  • write poetry
  • moon bathe
  • swim in a body of water under the rishi stars healing rays
  • decompose
  • heal through release
  • have a good cry
  • face the current situation creatively
  • indulge in some cuddles
  • paint
  • write your own prayer or aspiration for the betterment of the universe
  • have a romantic evening
  • be honest with yourself
  • spend time with / help animals or pets
  • release unnecessary guilt
  • pay close attention to your dreams on the 6th, 7th and 8th
  • express your love through creating something
  • take a nice hot bath with yummy essential oils

When the power of Neptune, Chiron and this Full Moon all in Pisces is harnessed, the doorway to subconscious secrets is unleashed and not only will we begin to understand ourselves better, we will also be given temporary access to a timeless place, a timeless place where all the questions we want answered are possible, where all the mysteries of the world are kept! Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune and Chiron rejects time, so please awaken into the alchemical might of this astrologically supportive energy and sincerely healing dimension. Healing is possible now, a deep and necessary healing of the past so that we can ensure we won’t miss the magic of all the Eclipse season had to offer.

This imaginative Full Moon will continue to share her energetic grace until the 8th of September so please do make the most of it.

I look forward to hear from you and learn about your experiences. As you may know, Mercury went forward on the 5th in Leo and won’t be holding us back any longer. The fun and quirky Sun in Virgo will allow the inner work pending to get completed – no corners will be left unattended to. Let the detail oriented light of the Sun in Virgo shine on in. What our souls or most sincerest parts have been yearning to attend to will get completed now. The endings are from lifetimes of baggage, we can let it all go, release it and find renewal in the brilliance of this Moon.

A divination for these times —>

“Find the wisdom of healing within, spiral deep into your purest and innermost core. Talk to yourself there, hear the thunder and release the rain. Life will improve after the storm is understood. Don’t let the trance like state of healing energy fool you, the wisdom is sharp, sit with it and heal all the universe (not only yourself.) A lot can be accomplished when we let go of this need to control, be wild within, centre yourself and free the noise. You will calm all storms by listening… You will!”

Thank you so much to all of you for your continued support.

May all be auspicious!

Love and light,


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  • Reply Alice Lake September 7, 2017 at 3:42 pm

    Dear Tashi

    This reading is beautiful, as always. I look forward to your updates each month. For me, they are spot on. I felt relief in reading this gift you continue to offer us.

    As it woul happen, the day of the full moon I began a cleansing – of my emotions. It wasn’t a prayer worked in my thoughts, twisting and manipulating words and grammar. It was a spontaneous outpouring from my heart, a deep realization of my purpose.

    Your generosity in preparing and sending these updates is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you from my heart ❤️

    • Reply Tarot by Tashi September 9, 2017 at 9:07 am

      Thank you so much dear Alice. May we all continue to journey through the spirals of life with confidence and much heart!

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