The Benefits of Capricorn Season
New Moon Bloom
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When I think of a Sea Goat, I think of the true exemplification of the Star Sign Capricorn and the interesting blend of Fish and Goat (water and earth) that takes us on to explore various Secrets of The Ancients.

To understand the current Capricornian influence and to reap the rewards that the next few Capricorn themed years will offer, you will need to get to know the Sea Goats secret symbolism.

The head being the Goat here is the domain of the mind and represents the consciousness-energy of the Sign. In this case a Mountain Goat. What do Mountain Goats do? They climb all their way up to the peak of any mountain, rarely stopping until they have reached the top! Mountain peaks are also the HIGHEST point in our physical realm….and before I continue, please just EXPERIENCE this statement for a minute.

This ability to always climb to the very peak of any mountain, the highest point in our physical realm and to be able to dwell there, with the sages, gods and heavenly presences is interpreted as “the hunt for a greater state of being.” Some others may call it “the pursuit of a higher consciousness.”

So what is so great that gets the Mountain Goat all the way up there….to the very very top? Is it his eyes? Or….his legs? Perhaps his horns? Hmmm, I would say it is his feet and this is because they are sure-footed, determined and adroit in an aware and effortful way. There is also something so playful and nimble about Mountain Goats feet.

The lower part of the Sea Goat is depicted as a Fish, which automatically takes us to the very depths. When we think of depths we instantly see the opposite to mountain peaks don’t we? The big blue Ocean is the grandiose habitat for Fish and the deepest point in our physical realm. Some of these points have yet to be discovered by man! Many would say that the Ocean represents the subconscious, intuition, the mysteries of our world and Gnosis (an understanding and inner knowing.)

To accept the obviousness of dualism/extreme that is presented in the representation of the Sea Goat is to capture the world we live in, in its totality and therefore, when working with the energy of this Star correctly, we will learn to go beyond both logic and intuition, the rational and the mysterious, consciousness and subconscious-ness. I am not joking when I say the next few years will bring us “up close and personal” with the outer and inner extremes. Thanks to the cosmic line up, we will receive various collective opportunities to actually experience what the extreme of dualism really means and we will be propelled to aspire for something more, something beyond both.

The Sea Goat uses both the depths and the peaks to arrive beyond both and how does he do this? By simply being both equally, which automatically makes him something more. He doesn’t lose his depths to his peaks nor does he lose his peaks to his depths. He is one with ALL he is, always.

Let us not forget this 4000+ year old symbol and a Star indeed capable of awakening us all. Capricorn Season, we embrace you!


Now for the practical bits…

Hello dear ones,

How are you?

Hasn’t this New Year started ever so LOUDLY? I am still in awe of how busy everyone and everything is. We could easily blame the Capricorn Stellium that is taking place in our skies. There are currently 6 planets in Capricorn coupled with Lilith and her glare. I have been posting a lot about this moment and if you feel inspired, do back track and listen to my audios in previous posts as well as read what I have been saying on social media. My anticipation for this moment in time has been ongoing and now that it has arrived, I just want to capture it tightly. The concentration of energy and direction points to our outer collective projection…”who do we all want to be as a whole and what will it take for us to raise our collective consciousness effectively.” The race up to 2020 is making such questions boil and there will be forces trying to pull us down, seduce us into the overindulgent desirous realms so we must keep the Mountain Peak goal in view without forgetting the depths.

This New Moon in Capricorn (the first New Moon of 2018) is exposing us to our collective responsibility and an urgent demand to learn from our elders, the ones who have come before us as well as preserve their wisdom by sharing and practicing it. There is also a call for getting our s*** together and this could be as plain as not arriving to work late. We have to look at what we are presenting to the world around us, do we like the person we are trying to be? Who are we wishing to be really? All of these questions have the support of the stars and when the effort is put in, the result will be plentiful.

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New Moon in Capricorn to Peak at 2:17am in London on the 17th of January 2018

For those of you who missed my 2018 Forecast Marathon with Astrology Hub, do not worry….there is more in stall for you this year and….I am pleased to announce my participation in their Inner Circle program. You can read all about it here. 

I shall sign off now by providing you with some excerpts from my recent writings on the Divine and Sacred Feminine / Masculine principal which is very relevant for such times.

“Can you feel that? That’s infinite woman of our world healing…healing because woman in power are rising up and using their positions to really speak their truth!

The abuse of this Sacred Feminine Energy has been taking place for way too long and if your waking up today with a tender sensation in your heart, one that feels so much more tender than normal, please know that you are feeling the deep healing that is taking place right this very moment!

When power is robbed, stolen and taken away, it leaves enormous holes in our collective make-up and now that a start to a correct level of honour is being poured into its rightful place, we are collectively experiencing “a return” and this return of truth into our very own cores will echo for days.

As the Rise of the Divine and Sacred Feminine Energy continues and many out there do their best to restore honour and respect in its rightful place, the fire of truth will rise from the ashes within.

To really heal our world is to heal the imbalances…starting with our Sacred Mother Earth, her ever-flowing generosity and how we fail to value it, this is the first and obvious example of such grand abuse to this Sacred Feminine Energy.

When we talk about the Sacred and Divine Feminine energy we are NOT excluding the Sacred and Divine Masculine energy. Both are interlocked, united and cannot function properly without a healthy level of equilibrium.  

When one is lacking or imbalanced within us, we eagerly search for it “out there.” This quest can be as simple as looking for a suitable partner or someone to share love with. This obvious imbalance on the subtlest of levels is what needs to be addressed first. 

For so long now, the Divine and Sacred Feminine energy has been suppressed in both Men and Woman.  It has been torn down, feared and refused. The mystery of the energy put many in a state of panic around the 12th and 13th Century, which lead to a grand rejection of the glory of what this energy contains. Since then, our Western World has seen gruesome witch-hunts, the end to woman’s rights, a suppression that created even woman themselves to fear their very own power. This extreme divide of polarities, which actually depend on each other, only really started to yearn for a homecoming in the 19th Century. That’s a bit too long of a wait for respecting an energy that flows through all of us and in everything we see, consume and experience!

Since the scales were tipped so strongly in the direction of refusing to embrace the mystery of this energy, the normal effect or consequence is that the scales will now tip in the exact opposite direction! Astrology confirms it, with Lilith in Capricorn and various other history changing planetary alignments, its as though the reclaiming of this energy wont be peaceful. So what to expect if the reclaiming of the Sacred and Divine Feminine energy manifests as extreme?

  1. There will be many natural disasters and those that come from nowhere and without sense.
  2. Large imbalances will take place with the elements that make up our world, for example, obtaining clean water will be as hard as pulling a diamond out of a crocodiles jaw.
  3. The concept of family will lose its worth and we will find less and less people wanting to make a life together.
  4. The confusion as to how we apply ourselves, as human beings will increase and the concept of a purposeful life will diminish.
  5. There will be an upsurge of destructive tendencies.

This is just a bit of what can happen when extreme outer divides take place in energies that so eagerly depend on each other. We were pulled into one extreme for centuries and now we are on the brink of being pulled into another.

The deep and tender healing that can happen and must happen needs to start from an awareness of how these energies live within us! The Divine and Sacred Feminine and Masculine energies are what make us complete. When this truth is ignored and disrespected, extreme imbalances take place and then we grow further and further apart as if we are not interdependent. As if we are rivals on a numberless battlefield.  

Does it need to be so destructive, this reclaiming of the Sacred and Divine Feminine energy? Perhaps!

The healing energy we are feeling due to the woman of the world rising up and speaking their truth, bringing a needed voice back into our world is evidence of the urgency such imbalances demand.

We all felt it, something like a deep and nourishing peace when Oprah told it how it is. We all connected in ways that had no space for ego during that moment of energetic honesty.

It’s the divine energy itself that goes beyond gender, which shook inside us, singing its melody of confirmation. On the gross level, we see this manifestation as “woman of the world” but what its really all about is an energetic representation. See it for what it really is and embrace the energy without rejection.

The ever-flowing great mother goddess energy is forgiving, it will help us if we honour and respect it. It will heal its wounds if we start to heal ours and through a collective understanding the destructive results may even subside.”

– TarotbyTashi

Do connect anytime and share your expressions with me. You can also forward this wisdom on to your friends. I will welcome your extended networks into my community wholeheartedly.

May the dark of the Moon remind us of the birth of the light and the birth of the light remind us of the dark of the Moon. All united, dependent and yearning for each other.

Infinite blessings,


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